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UnOpened is the first official release of Sonata Arctica. It is believed to be released mostly because of Swedish power metal band Zonata was going to release their debut album before Ecliptica was out.

The first edition of the single, sold during the first week, had problems during the mastering and was promptly pulled out. Spinefarm Records had 500 copies made, 200 were sold and 300 were left in their office where they still were years later. Currently there is no idea if the CDs were destroyed or if they still exist; that leaves the 200-or-so copies of the first pressing of UnOpened to be searched by the collectors. The first edition is the rarest and probably most expensive single Sonata Arctica release in existence. The prices on Ebay can be 100-200 USD/euros or even more. There's also a few copies autographed by the lineup from 1999/2000-era.

UnOpened didn't rise to the Finnish charts until after Ecliptica was released. It spent one week at #16 during the Christmas week of 1999.[1] Despite this it was very close of getting the first certified gold award for the band, but the limit of 5,000 sold copies was never made, possibly because of Spinefarm didn't make another pressing of the single. The total amount of UnOpened singles in circulation is then less than 5,000 copies, most of them in Finland. With luck, one might still find the single - even the first edition - at some second hand record stores or online auctions.

Label Catalog number Release date Country / Region Notes
Spinefarm SPI81CD 1999-07-15 Finland mispressing, about 200 copies sold
Spinefarm SPI81CD 1999-??-?? Finland 2nd edition