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Silence is the second full-length album produced by the Finnish power metal band Sonata Arctica. It was recorded at Tico Tico Studio, by Ahti Kortelainen during fall 2000 and spring 2001. It was released July 16, 2001. It was the first and only studio album to feature keyboardist Mikko Harkin. In addition, Silence was also the first album to feature the return of guitarist Marko Paasikoski, who assumed the role of bass player. Special guests include Timo Kotipelto from Stratovarius on the vocals in False News Travels Fast, and spoken passages by Nick Van-Eckmann, who would later return on later Sonata Arctica releases.

Wolf & Raven and Last Drop Falls were selected as the singles of the album, and a music video was made for Wolf & Raven.

Track Listing

All songs written by Tony Kakko.

1."...of Silence" – 1:17
2."Weballergy" – 3:51
3."False News Travel Fast" – 5:18
4."The End of This Chapter" – 7:01
5."Black Sheep" – 3:42
6."Land of the Free" – 4:24
7."Last Drop Falls" – 5:13
8."San Sebastian (Revisited)" – 4:37
9."Sing in Silence" – 3:51
10."Revontulet (instrumental)" – 1:32
11."Tallulah" – 5:20
12."Wolf & Raven" – 4:17
13."Respect the Wilderness" (bonus track for Japan) - 3:51
14."The Power of One" – 11:39

The 2008 Remaster includes two bonus tracks "Peacemaker" - 3:31 "Wolf & Raven (2008 Version)" - 4:25