Live At Provinssirock Festival

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Live At Provinssirock Festival is a promotional cd from France. The tracks are live recordings from Provinssirock Festival, Seinäjoki, Finland (June 16th, 2000). They're exactly the same songs that can be found at various releases of Successor.

This 3-track promo CD was released in France by NTS and was limited to 2500 copies. The CD was given free to people who bought Silence from Virgin Megastore so it hasn't actually never been for sale anywhere, though same various record stores are selling it (for quite high price). The package is just a cardboard pocket, like usually in promotional copies.


Label Catalog number Release date Country / Region Notes
NTS 3070055 2001-07-16(?) France 2500 copies made

Track listing

  1. Replica (live) (4:48)
  2. UnOpened (live) (4:05)
  3. FullMoon (live) (4:54)