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Date Website Language Link
01-07-2001 Metal Inside German Interview
23-05-2002 RockUnited English Interview

Winterheart's Guild

Date Website Language Link
03-12-2002 RockUnited English Interview
12-03-2003 Metallized Italian Interview
08-05-2003 Metal Inside German Interview

Reckoning Night

Date Website Language Link
08-09-2004 Rockpages English Interview
07-11-2004 Metal Inside English Interview
13-11-2005 Metal Inside German Interview
20-05-2013 Beyond Ear Candy English Interview


Date Website Language Link
05-08-2007 Tempelores English Interview

The Days of Grays

Date Website Language Link
09-08-2009 Angry Metal Guy English Interview
15-08-2009 La Grosse Radio French Interview
12-09-2009 Metallized Italian Interview
??-??-2010 Rockpages English Interview
03-11-2011 Metallized Italian Interview
04-11-2011 SpazioRock English Interview

Stones Grow Her Name

Date Website Language Link
20-04-2012 Festivalblog English Interview
??-05-2012 Noizz Eater English Interview
04-05-2012 Metal Inside German Interview
20-05-2012 The Age of Metal English Interview
10-06-2012 La Grosse Radio French Interview
21-06-2012 Metal Temple English Interview
13-02-2013 With Every Tear A Dream Spanish Interview

Pariah's Child

Date Website Language Link
17-01-2014 Riometalsite English Interview
04-02-2014 Rock Ur Life English Interview
06-02-2014 Radiocity Finnish Interview
06-02-2014 Radio Finnish Interview
07-02-2014 Kaaos Finnish Interview
13-02-2014 Reflections of Darkness English Interview
21-02-2014 Lamula Spanish Interview
22-02-2014 Femforgacs Hungarian Interview
23-02-2014 Festivalblog English Interview
24-02-2014 Factor Metal English Interview
24-02-2014 The Age of Metal English Interview
24-02-2014 Heavylaw French Interview
25-02-2014 Webzine Nightwish French Interview
25-02-2014 Hardrock Hungarian Interview
26-02-2014 New Transcendence English Interview
27-02-2014 The Metal Review English Interview
02-03-2014 Dead Rethoric English Interview
07-03-2014 Spotlight Report English Interview
07-03-2014 Mariskal Rock Spanish Interview
07-03-2014 Dargedik Spanish Interview
07-03-2014 Examiner English Interview
??-03-2014 Metal Wani English Interview
10-03-2014 Rockombia Spanish Interview
13-03-2014 Chilean Skies Spanish Interview
17-03-2014 Stormbringer German Interview
18-03-2014 Durbuy Rock French Interview
19-03-2014 Terrorizer English Interview
29-03-2014 Sonata Arctica France French Interview
31-03-2014 Inferno Finnish Interview
16-04-2014 Radiometal English Interview
17-04-2014 German Interview
18-04-2014 Twilight German Interview
10-05-2014 Metallized Italian Interview
29-09-2014 Sound Infection German/English Interview
02-10-2014 Bucket List English Interview
05-10-2014 English Interview
13-10-2014 The Age of Metal English Interview
19-10-2014 Crank It Up Swedish Interview

Ecliptica (Revisited: 15th Anniversary Edition

Date Website Language Link
10-11-2014 Rafabasa Spanish Interview
24-01-2015 Oxido English Interview
03-02-2015 Conciertos Peru Spanish Interview
08-02-2015 El Bondi Spanish Interview
16-02-2015 BraveWords English Interview
20-02-2015 Ceara & Rock Portuguese Interview
14-05-2015 Festivalblog English Interview
16-05-2015 Metal-Rules English Interview
18-05-2015 My Global Mind English Interview