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Misc. Blogs

This blog will be launched in 2014

A New Year and some new tricks, this blog will be launched in a few days as we turn the page for an exciting year, 2014 !

Written by Henrik on 29.12.2013


In the year 2014

Hi there ! A couple of groundrules, before we start, since I have many bands I will use the following ”codes” if you will, in the header of the post to let you know what the hell I’m blabbering about:

SA = Sonata Arctica SV = Silent Voices KS = Klingenberg Syndrome MCF = Mental Care Foundation WB = Winterborn

…pretty self-explanatory stuff, right ? The first posts will be about the mastering/videoshoot trip with SA. I’ll try to give some background info about my other bands in separate posts for those of you who don’t know these projects etc….

ok, roll the tape…

Written by Henrik on 31.12.2013


A little something about my keyboards, where/when/why:

Just to stop some speculation that might or might not be true, here are some facts about what I currently use.


with Sonata Arctica I still use my custom rack built by our tech genius Tero. The sound engine is the Korg M3, I have two different wireless midi systems (CME and MIDIjet pro) as well as a midi merge box by ESI (if I remember the name right), for the lead sound, I’m back with Boss pedals, A Blues Driver, Noise Suppressor and Digital Delay is the chain for that. I just got an Alesis Vortex that I will be using to control this rig. All my synth sounds live are from this combo. In addition to that I have a piano, usually rented (my own is a Korg SV-1 which I prefer when possible).

With Silent Voices I use my Korg Karma with no additional effects or stuff. This is mainly because of logistical reasons. My M3 rig is usually somewhere with SA and with the Karma I can do the stuff that needs to be done with SV and it’s not too heavy to haul around on trains and whatnot.

In the Studio:

For the latest SA album I used the following synths: Korg: M3, SV-1 & Karma, Roland Fantom XR and the Hammond C-3. In addition to that there are some keys played by Tony, mostly using software synths….I guess ;-)

In addition to these I also make use of some stuff in my homestudio, namely Korg Triton Rack, Kurzweil K2000R, Kawai Phm, Roland JV2080. Personally I have found that the best all around synth for ”this kind of music” is the M3, At the moment the Korg Kronos would probably be a big step up from that but since there’s no module version of that, it’s not too convenient for my needs at the moment.

For those of you who ask for suggestions about what to buy, I’d rather not say anything since I don’t know your specific need and everyone likes different stuff and features anyway so it becomes kind of a moot point anyway.If you can do what needs to be done and you like how your instrument sounds and performs, your set ;-)

Enough of that…if you need to know more, post your question in the comment section and I’ll do my best to try to answer…

Written by Henrik on 07.01.2013


First single & video released

So, another band OMG. Well, just to give you a bit of an insight. At some point a year or two ago Mr.Vapola the mainman from Winterborn asked me to play keyboards on their 3rd album, which I was happy to do. They found themselves in a situation where their previous keyboard player Jukka Hänninen had left the band. Needless to say, since Kokkola (where they/we hail from) is a small town and we’re all know each other from before.

Some trivia: Pasi (Kauppinen) is playing bass in Winterborn (I also work with him in Sonata,Silent Voices, Mental Care Foundation & Klingenberg Syndrome). Antti Hokkala one of the guitarists in the band as well as Lauri Bexar the drummer both play in Mental Care Foundation. Teemu Koskela the singer now sings in Silent Voices as well. So you can see, it can be a bit confusing but that’s how it is when there’s lots of music coming out and you’re too lazy to get to know new people ;-)

In addition, Winterborn opened for Sonata on our European Tour some years back.

Anyways, here is the first single of the album along with the video. Appeareantly there will be more in April….and no it’s not me playing the piano in the video, Pasi filled in since I was not available at the time….shhh…it’s a secret.

and here’s the band on fb:

Written by Henrik on 15.01.2014


Silent Voices: What the fuck is this?

To shed some light for those of you who have checked out mine and Pasis other band Silent Voices ( and wonder whatta hell this is, here’s a brief subjective story about the band. Enjoy, or Don’t ;- )

In the spring of 1995 I was repeatedly harrassed but this longhaired dude, which whom I played with @ the rock school in Kokkola. Whenever I saw him drunk somewhere, he was going on about this band of theirs and how they needed me to play the keyboards etc. At some point when I actually saw him outside of the rock school, sober, I decided to put an end to it by letting him have his way and just pay a visit to their rehersal place. It really backfired since the music they played was awesome and I had to join the band. Timo Kauppinen (Pasi’s older brother) was the dude in question and appeareantly he’d applied the same sort of guerilla tactics on getting our drummer J-P to join. Effective dude, that’s all I can say.

The summer of 1995 was spent rehersing and writing stuff, for some reason we did write sheet music of all the songs (yeah, nerds, I know) and at some point we had over 40 tunes written out. To be honest, most of it was pure shit but you’ve gotta start somewhere, right. By the end of the summer we thought we where ready to record our first demo, so we did. Since we didn’t have a vocalist we recorded 4 instumental songs and were ready to take on the world. Unfortunately…or maybe it was fortunate, the world didn’t listen. Not the people and not any labels. We did however find a great singer called Kaj or Kai, he was really into it and things started to look a bit more positive, however he disappeared at some point….and I mean literally we couldn’t find him anymore. He was from out of town so it wasn’t to hard for him to pull a Copperfield but he was never to be seen again. Not our choice.

Nevertheless we started playing some occasional pub gigs whenever we could find them and a few years later we recorded our second demo, an EP titled Nothing Lasts Forever. Yours truly did sing on that and still has a hard time listening to it.No regrets though…just shame ;-)

After a few more gigs in the Bar circuit, supporting Waltari in our hometown being the highlight, our next singer Michael Henneken appeared. Killer voice and an attiude to move mountains. Got him into the studio asap and recorded and released the EP Memory and the Frame, I think this was around 1998 or something. We got to play some festivals, Nummirock 1999 being the coolest one and continued to play for empty bars every now and then. We did some shows with another Finnish progmetal band Malpractise and as the years passed we finally got a deal and did our debut album Chapters of Tragedy (2002, Low Frequency Records). Life went on, we did some horrible videos, some ok ones…every single one of them on a 0 euro budget…got around to do our second album INFERNAL (2004, LFR). That one actually had a lot of bite to it. Fast tempos and we got Michael to sing his ass of by just shouting at him and being mean.It worked and I still like that album to this date. More empty bar shows and our third album Building up the Apathy (2006,LFR) This was actually around the time that Silent Voices played their first shows without me and last ones so far. I was really busy touring with Sonata and I didn’t want to hold back the guys who really wanted to play shows (like any rock musicians do) so our good friend Jukka Hänninen (of Winterborn fame) filled in for me on a few shows…I think it was in 2006. It was a weird time in my life so I don’t remember it too well.

After Building up the Apathy we had some shows in France lined up but they fell through, which had nothing to do with us but the disappointment was the final straw for Michael who decided it was time to move on. By this time the band was more or less a hobby for everyone else, me filling up my time with Sonata, Pasi already had his studio and Timo and J-P and their own businesses to attend to. Everyone else were happy with the situation but for a dude with high ambitions this was not the place to be in so….goodspeed dude. At this time our label also seized to exist, however our label dude Kasanen told us to make the next album and payed the bills since his belief was that good music shouldn’t be stopped. Holy shit, what kind of person does that ? There is still good things in life and keep the faith and all good love happiness and whatnot stuff to everyone, if this kind of action doesn’t make you believe that good things might happend then you’re doomed. Anyways I’ll take it a bit easier, but a huge thanks to mr.K.

Having said that, our 4th album proved to take a bit of time. Around 7 years in fact. Since nobody was pushing us, we just wrote and recorded stuff when we felt like it. Appeareantly it wasn’t too ofted but eventually we got the tracks down.We didn’t have a singer so we choose to just ask people to sing on the album. First we tagged our friend Teemu from Winterborn to do the demovocals to all the tracks with the promise of ”letting” him sing one song on the album. That’s how nice we are ;-) Next up, it took some time to get all the vocal stuff done but eventually we finished the album. Sending it out and waiting for a reply took a looong time and no one seemed to want it. Sounds familiar ? Eventually we hooked up with Miro a manager in the UK, taking care of Ripper Owens amongst others and he managed to get us a deal and to become the first manager of Silent Voices (after our first roadie/manager Hannu, Pasi and Timo’s cousin from next door who we wanted along but since he didn’t play anything he mainly wrecked things, drunk the booze, partied like hell and occasionally did carry some equipment or drive the van…ancient history anyway, this was in the ’90’s).

Just before the deal with Ulterium that Miro hooked up, Pasi decided that the album had to be mastered in NYC by Ted Jensen, so he swiped his visa and did it….and it turned out absolutely amazing. Now last summer we did our first shows outside of Finland. In May 2013 we did two club shows in the UK. More or less empty clubs but it was fun as hell and some of the few that showed up actually came for the band which was highly appreciated by us. Thanks guys ! Oh, the singer thing…yeah, we first asked Teemu to do the UK shows, that was the easy solution and we had so much fun and we’re so lazy that it was the easiest way to just make him join the band and voila, we have a singer. On the other hand, it was kind of an obvious choice, great voice, amazing work ethic and a friend from many years…what’s there not to like ?

The other trip we did last summer was to the Czech republic to play on Rockova Ostrava. The organization of the festival was a bit so and so but after a lot of hassle our slot was finally set between Kreator and Ripper Owens….perfect for an unknown band, and so in the evening we got to enjoy the biggest SV audience ever with a couple of thousand people wondering where these guys came for. By the end of the set most of the people seemed to actually enjoy our stuff (or at least that how I wanted to see it): An interesting trip and a bit hard, since I just played my last show of the tour (and last show with Marko) on the 15.8.2013 in France, flew to Helsinki the next day, changed gear and played in Ostrava on the 17.8….Since then Silent Voices have done….nothing !!! That’s not entirely true, Teemu did re-record a couple of old tracks from Infernal and Building up the Apathy. At the moment we’re planning to do a video at some point but now, with both me & Pasi in Sonata, I don’t know when we can do it….we’ll fit it somewhere, I’m sure. Until then Silent Voices takes it easy and hopefully we’ll be able to do some shows next summer.

…that’s about it, regarding to SV, now you know what’s going on and you can check us out at

Written by Henrik on 12.02.2014


Studio Blogs

Pariah's Child

Mastering in Helsinki & Videoshoot in Lahti

Monday 6.1.
Took a cab from home, picked up Tony and headed for the train just after 10 in the evening. We opted to fly down to Helsinki but since there was no morningflight out of Kemi on the 7th we had to take the nightrain. In the evening as me & Tommy were having our nightcap we met a 80+ year old doctor dude and chatted with him for some time, interesting conversation indeed.I spent the last waking hours by listening through the new Amoral album.Gonna give it another spin at some point.

Tuesday 7.1.
Woke up around 0800, there was somekinda fire-alarm-whatever going off in the train, no idea what was the deal so I just continued sleeping. As soon as we arrived it was time for a morning ”drink” and then a bit of waiting for Elias & Pasi to show up. When the whole bunch was present we stuffed ourselves into a cab and headed to Chartmakers to start working with Svante on the mastering. For those of you who’re into this stuff, we had the band mix and the vocals separately so that we could do more finetuning at the mastering as opposed to just providing the whole mix with everything in it. Being that there’s always some waiting involved with the mastering, we managed to go through a bunch of promo-pics and deleting stuff that we don’t want to use, didn’t finish going through all the pics though but at least we got started. After spending the whole day at the mastering we had a dinner at the hotel. Masi made an appeareance and Elias & I headed out with him for a few beers.

Wednesday 8.1. The mastering was finished and radio edits done for a couple of tracks, the rest of the day was spent in a meeting with our manager, trying to sort out as many things as possible, since we don’t go to Helsinki that often. Had a nice dinner at a place called Colorado before calling it a night and getting rested for the videoshoot tomorrow.

btw, this has been sort of a theme song on this trip, enjoy:

Thursday 9.1.
Left the hotel just after breakfast and headed for Lahti and the Sibeliustalo there to shoot the band part for our first video with this album. This was a surprisingly quick operation and while waiting for everything to be setup we did some video-interview-thing about the album, continued selection promopics and at times…also just waited :-) When everything was done we still had time to hit a pizza place before our train leaved towards the north. A reporter friend of ours also dropped in during the day and there might be some news here: at some point.

In the train I started to read the Ministry book which was give to the band by our manager, but only got through around 50 pages or so before falling to sleep.At around 0900 we were in Kemi, Tony dropped me off at home and this trip was done.

Next up in SA-land is the listening party for the new album next Friday (17.1.)

Written by Henrik on 10.01.2014


Listening party in Helsinki

The first chance to play your new music to ”outsiders” is always a bit nerve-tickling. In order to play our album for selected reporters, we got on the train on Thursday evening (around 22:39 + a few minutes delay, to be exact). We, meaning Tony, Tommy & I. On Friday morning we woke up just before the train arrived in Helsinki at 0900. Upon arrival we checked into our hotel and went out for breakfast. Tony had an interview lined up later on so me & Tommy went to our managements office to hang out. A bit later Pasi joined us as well, and in the afternoon we got hungry so we went to Dennis and got some excellent food. I had a massive plate of pasta in front of me and just stuffed myself with that, actually I’m starting to get hungry again just writing about it = it was goooood.

Just before 1600 we got picked up at our hotel and headed towards the legendary Finnvox studios.The event featured two albums, first we all listened to Tuomas Holopainen’s new album, and after a short break we listened to our album as well. Drinks, pizza, great music, good people…. ..despite being a bit nervous about the response of our new music, everything went really well and we had a good time together. At least I had ;-) It was a real pleasure to be able to listen to Tuomas album as well, and I’d say it could fit very well as a soundtrack somewhere….a beautiful journey indeed. Gonna pick that album up when it’s released….and no, it’s not by any means heavy metal or anything, it’s closer to NW minus the band and in most cases the vocals as well. Anyway, since I’m not a music critic, you can check it out by yourself, buy it if you like it….get something else if you don’t.

During the listening party, Tony was presented with a platinum album for the Raskasta Joulua thing. Essentially, it’s a bunch of heavy dudes doing Christmas songs the heavy way… case you didn’t know.

Having listened to both albums it was time to head out to town, and Bar Bäkkäri as always.I think more or less everybody went there and had some additional drinks to round up the night. In my case I figured it was time to head to bed when I’m hanging out with an un-named label excecutive at his room drinking some christmasy-flavoured jäger and smoking cigarettes in a non-smoking hotel. Which of course brings us to the fact that I overslept and missed my train by around 15 minutes. No harm done though since I only had to pay a couple of euros to change my ticket to the next train (from which I’m writing btw) and the impact of my failure to wake up in the morning is that I’ll get home a couple of hours later than was planned…..and so everyone survives and we can prepare for the rehersals next week.

For the 15th anniversary shows we’re bringing back some old stuff…old ”hits” if you will, that we haven’t played in a while…and some stuff that we’ve never performed on stage, ever. As said we start rehearsing next week and in just a tad over a week we’ll be on stage in Helsinki. Hopefully we get our shit together by then.

Written by Henrik on 18.01.2014


Getting our shit together, the rehersals

So, we have almost 30 songs to rehearse for the upcoming tour. Since we don’t have too much off-time this spring, we gonna have to whip all the new songs for the album tour into shape at these rehersals in addition to getting the 15th anniversary set together. I think Pasi has the hardest work since none of the songs are too familiar to him, for the rest of us it’s a lot easier. I managed to program all my sounds last week, so no there are just minor tweaks that I’ll do on the spot. I just hope we all can get these tunes into our memory-banks before the tour starts….in fact we don’t have much of a choice, this MUST work out fine.Don’t worry, we’ll get it:

Tuesday 21.1.2014
Oh holy crap what a mess. We spent the whole day cleaning up our rehersal place and setting up the gear. So no music today, but we’re ready for tomorrow ;-)

Wednesday 22.1.2014
Spent the day playing through all the tracks on the list, since every song was a first for Pasi we had to play through all the basic stuff as well…after that we spent more time on the stuff that we haven’t played in a while and the stuff that we’ve never played before. A good long day in the cold rehersal place.

Thursday 23.1.2014
In the morning we scribbled down the set for the 15th anniversary show, what a fucking ride it will be, this is gonna be great ! Played through a couple of songs first and then the band (excluding mr.T) run through the entire set….and it worked ;-) After that it was time to call it a day. Tomorrow is the last day of rehersals, I guess we’re getting pretty fast at getting our shit together.

Friday 24.1.2014
Started the morning with computer stuff, making intros and outros and sorting out stuff. Then it was time to run through the news songs that we’ll put in the set on the European Tour. We still need to work at those during soundchecks but at least we got through them. One last run through the complete set, working out endings and transitions and then we spent a couple of hours packing our stuff for the tour and cleaning up the rehersal space, since we won’t need it before the end of the world tour we’re giving it up now.R.I.P cold warehouse.

…and we’re done. I’m gonna go through the stuff once more on Monday just to be sure that I’ll remember it all, we still have one more rehersal with the full production before the shows start… on Wednesday our break from the touring circuit will be over…after just over 5 months of doing other stuff. It’s gonna be great to be back, can’t wait….

Written by Henrik on 24.01.2014


Tour Blogs

Finnish - 15th Anniversary Tour

On the road: Finland - 15th anniversary - Part 1

Oooh shit, here we go again…great to be back btw. We decided to play some 15th anniversary shows before the album was out and the Pariah’s Child World Tour got started. The first part will consist of two short stints in Finland totalling 10 shows, the second part will take place in Latin-America and we’re doing 15 shows there. How fitting ;-) Anyways, here’s how the the first part of the Finnish tour went. 4 shows, debuting our new bass player Pasi, playing the first single off Pariah’s Child for the first time. We also threw in a bunch of stuff from the past as well as the European bonus track from The Days of Grays: In the Dark. I’m not sure wether I should post the setlist here, I think I’ll skip that since not everyone wants to know in advance what they’re gonna hear. Sorry for the spoilers above. Anyways enough of this an off we go:

Tuesday 28.1.2014 - Full Production Rehersal @ The Circus / Helsinki
We wanted to have a rehersal with all the crew guys present and on stage with lights and shit just to make sure the show was presentable. Last time we did this rehersal thing at the same time with the videoshooting in Kemi, this time we rented the venue for the first show one day earlier as well. The Kemi gang, me, Tony & Tommy took the afternoon flight to Helsinki. At the venue you’re not supposed to make any noise before 1700 so there was no hurry for us to get there, the crew set up the gear, we did a short sound-check around 1900 after which we run through the whole show. My new keyboard system that we figured out with Tero, was finally put to a test and it didn’t work. Appeareantly there was something wrong with the new MIDI merger that I got. Nevertheless, we got it working enough to play the show but our grand designs needs some re-thinking.I think this made Tero more upset than me anyway….poor guy. In the evening we had a few beers at the hotel and then it was time for bed.

Wednesday 29.1.2014 - The Circus / Helsinki
Had to get up earlier than I wanted to ’cause I needed to go to the doctor to get some papers in order to apply for a pyro-license. Basically they had to make sure I was sane enough to handle show-explosives and such. Run some errands after that and the afternoon was spent doing interviews with Tommy. There is such a huge excitement and a great deal of nervousness, at least for me. How will it feel ? Will everything work out fine ? What about the actual playing ? etc etc. ..and of course the introduction of Pasi to y’all, so let’s see how this one turned out.
post show:
Pasi did a great job and overall I think this was a good first show for us all. Of course little things happened here and there but as a whole, this is a good way to start out and it’ll only get better from here on. Naturally we ended the night with some beers in our room but nothing too crazy, I guess we’re gettin old…er… or something.

Thursday 30.1.2014 - Tampere-talo / Tampere
Elias hometown, jiihaa, since yesterday went ok tonight is gonna be a more easygoing affair, at least I hope so. Everyone was more or less nervous last night but most of that will be gone today. Upon arrival in Tampere we went straight to the hotel for a short nap before it was time for dinner and soundcheck. Tonight was an early show, already at 1900. My brother came to see us so it was nice to hang out for a while….and we got the first technical shit for this tour, actually it was my own fault, I forgot to re-program a knob on the shoulder keyboard so in the middle of White Pearl, Black Oceans I got some unwanted pitch bends going on…and in the heat of the moment it took me awhile to get it working right…..(I figured it out the next day before soundcheck as I was testing my gear to find the actual problem).

Friday 31.1.2014 - Verkatehdas / Hämeenlinna
As always you get sick on tour, so far I’ve had a fever since Tuesday so it’s been a bit of a struggle. Last night I took some stronger pills for the night and slept very well, I probably sweated out most of the shit so tonight will be better than the first couple of shows. In the morning me & Punkki took a walk to get some paperwork filed and then it was time to drive to Hämeenlinna. At the hotel I found out that the restaurant was closed so I went to the venue with the crew to get some food. Which was really excellent. As soon as Tero got my stuff set up I spent some time re-programmin the shoulder keyboard since it was causing some problems for me yesterday….nevertheless it’s ok now so we’re back on track.(crossing fingers).

…nicely enough no technical problems today ;-) After the show we had some red wine and chilled out before heading to the hotel. Got some Italian chocolate as a gift from the Kauppinen Mafia - fans. Thanks it was delicious !!

Saturday 1.2.2014 - Kerubi / Joensuu
SOLD OUT. Need I say more ? Ok, I guess I do. First off was a 400km drive to Joensuu. We started at 10 in the morning and it went quite smoothly. Watched some VK goes wild videos on youtube during the ride, amazing stuff ;-) As always the food @ Kerubi really rocks, we signed some stuff for our webshop as well. I was feeling rather good but it was Pasi & Tony who were the next victims of the flu bug. We did however pull off the show and everyone seemed satisfied.

Sunday 2.2.2014
Even though I love Joensuu, it’s really a pain in the ass to get home from there. This time the smartest/easiest play was to ride with the bus to Helsinki and then Fly home. So most of the day in the bus and then a 1 hour flight home. Basic traveling stuff, finishing up this blogpost and so on.

The next trek will be 6 shows in 9 days, including the infamous Radio Rock Cruise as well as some additional weirdness. Until then, I will rest….or work on something else…whatever…

Written by Henrik on 03.02.2014


On the road: Finland - 15th anniversary - Part 2

Friday 7.2.2014 - Travel Night
Our dogs seems to go crazy when I leave late at night and they keep the rest of the family awake for half the night so I was more or less kicked out from home early in the evening. As the local bar was my plan B, I was happy to get a hold of a friend of mine and I spent some hours at his house drinking beer and hanging out before I got a ride to the trainstation. The basic drill, a nightcap in the restaurant car and then many blissful hours of sleep until the 0830 wake up call and the 0900 arrival in Helsinki.Easy…..for now.

Saturday 8.2.2014 - Radio Rock Cruise / Helsinki-Tallinn-Helsinki
In Helsinki we had booked a day room to take showers and rest, yeah we do sleep ALL the time when we have the chance. Actually the most important thing on the road is always eat, sleep,shower and go to the toilet when you have a chance, you never know how long it will be before the next time. Knowing that we had a 1 o’clock showtime (that would be in the middle of the night) also motivated us to try and rest as much as possible. I wonder who’s gonna be awake at that hour except for us and (hopefully) most of our crewguys. Since this is a festival of sorts we had to cut down our almost 2 hour set to just 75min…hopefully we cut the right songs. At around 1500 the bus picked us up from the hotel and then we boarded the ship, in the hotel we also had time to checkout our new music video of the wolves die young, it looks really fucking great !!! Can’t wait for you all to see it as well, don’t know when it will be out but it should be any day now. As soon as we got our ”rooms” it was time to rest some more and watch tv….how exciting ;-)

Sunday 9.2.2014 - Surprise Birthday Party @ Tavastia Had a few drinks to cure the hangover, watched some stand-up stuff and did some shopping at the tax-free shop. At 1600 the ship arrived in Helsinki, our bus dropped us off at the hotel and then after a quick change of clothes we headed to the legendary rock club Tavastia to participate in our friends surprise birthday party. We jumped on stage as well and played a My Land, Replica & Fullmoon. All kinds of crazy stuff took place but since it wasn’t our party I think it’s better to just shut up about any shananigans that occured, our boys did behave but some others…oh my…..

Monday 10.2.2014 - Business-day @ the hotel in Helsinki
zzzzz, zzzzz, breakfast, zzzzz, zzzzz….and in the afternoon we went to our management office and signed around 500 singles for the webshop and did some other business things as well. Later back at the hotel Tony, Elias & I had a bunch of interviews to do via skype to Latin-America. Ended the quite productive ”office” day with a couple of drinks with our dear merchandise king Larry. Thanks for the headache dude !

Tuesday 11.2.2014 - Sibeliustalo / Lahti
The final stretch of the 15th anniversary shows in Finland conveniently started in Lahti, which has the best backstage in the world !!! Mainly because of the sauna which we always enjoy straight after the show….that’s just so great I can’t even begin to find words for it….anyways we’re not there yet, got up just after 0800 in the morning, got some breakfast and jumped in the bus. A short drive later we were in Lahti and got some lunch at the venue right away. The day was spent chilling and enjoying some peace & quiet since we all had our own backstage rooms ;-) As usual when we play in concert halls it’s a bit of a workout to get the crowd going, and it was tonight as well but eventually we got it working. All in all a nice night and we’re now on our way again. At the moment we’re about to leave for Jyväskylä so I’ll be wrapping this up. Meanwhile check out our new video:

Written by Henrik on 12.02.2014


On the road: Finland - 15th anniversary - Part 3

Wednesday 12.2.2014 - Lutakko / Jyväskylä
Rolling Rolling Rawhide. Some of the shorted drives of this trek and after a stop at a truckstation for coffee and cigarettes we finally get to Jyväskylä. The band headed out for dinner and when we got to the point where nobody was hungry anymore it was time to take a nap. Around 1800 we walked to the venue where our crew had set up the stuff for soundcheck. The only ”out of the routine”-thing today was a quick photoshoot at 1900 before the doors opened. A quick dinner at the venue and the I took a walk with our new drumtech Suikkari. I run out of deodorant so i needed to get some….which I managed to do. After that I tried to watch the Sweden-Czech Rep. icehockey game and actually was able to watch some bits of that before it was time for work ;-) Tonight was a really hot show (which I like) and some excited people enjoying or performance, so all was fine and dandy. Throw in a quick aftershow sauna with Elias and you have a happy dude. Ended the night with a couple of ciders in our room while watching the classic Dinner for One and Roadhouse. Easy going, for a reason that you’ll see below.

Thursday 13.2.2014 - Kylpylähotelli Rauhanlahti / Kuopio
Was pretty tired when I woke up to the alarm clock at 0930, nevertheless Tommy joined me for breakfast and then, finally: Finland-Austria olympic ice hockey. Jiiihaaa. Of course we had to leave before the end of the game but I think it ended 8-4 to Finland. Another short (around 2h) busride later we arrived in Kuopio.Tonight we’re playing in a spa/hotel so this might be interesting. I plan on catching some Ice Hockey games during the day and early evening. We’re gonna start to play very late I think it was around 2230. I’ll let you know how this works out, now it’s time to do some e-mail interviews before we arrive in Kuopio.

Watched the Slovakia-USA and Canada-Norway hockey games, took a nap, some lunch and dinner later on, how was your day ? We played at the hotel night club which was a bit interesting, having to walk through the audience to get on and off stage etc. but it was entertaining that’s for sure. Midway through the set some old timer started to yell out his lifestory which was really weird, he even wanted to tell his story in Tony’s microphone when given the chance but just in case you get some ideas: Our shows are not open mic or amateur hour even if we sometimes play in nightclubs. What an idiot. Other than that the fans seemed to enjoy the show and everything went well. Our backstage was in one of the conference rooms downstairs so naturally we ended the night with evening drinks, watching crap on youtube on the big screen that was featured in the room.

Friday 14.2.2014 - Rytmikorjaamo / Seinäjoki
Up at 0930 and the bus started moving towards Seinäjoki @ 1000. Some coffe & cigarette breaks later we got there and as usual it was straight to the hotel for the band. I had a really good nap on the bus so it was easy to just focus on hockey and dinner. Punky our trusty Production Manager / Light designer, hooked up the big screen in the dressing room so we could enjoy our great hockey team beating Norway. During the show my M3 melted down for awhile, as I looked down on it the screen just showed some random commodore 64 graphics, luckily it worked after rebooting. This was during the end of W & R btw. I remember that we had some problems with the midi wireless here last time so it might be connected to that somehow since the M3 totally jammed and was non responsive to anything else than turning the power off. After the show I met my one of my sisters and her friends before it was time to go to the hotel.

Saturday 15.2.2014 - Logomo / Turku One of the better venues in Finland and a really nice way to end this part of the 15th anniversary tour. Started from Seinäjoki at 0900..etc etc…arrived…since we were going to drive home after this we canceled most of the hotel rooms of course it helped knowing that the backstage here @ Logomo is great so no worries about not being able to rest or even worse, not being able to watch hockey. Spent the day doing basically nothing, but by this time you already know this is how I prefer to spend the showdays. Somehow playing for about 2 hours every night requires a bit of an effort so you need your rest to keep the energy level up. With the brutal schedule in Latin-America I know that’s gonna be one big sleepfest when we’re not on stage ;-) One of my other sisters showed up for the gig and my main concern was of course about the M3, but it worked fine so hopefully that’s the last we hear about that crap. My plan was to renew my setup after this world tour so I’d need the damn thing to work for another 2 years…please….pretty please ?

Aftershow we took some quick showers and packed ourselves into the bus and the long ride home…

…and finally in the morning we arrived back home, having dropped Elias & Tero off at Tampere (with the gear for the Latin-American Tour), and Pasi @ the trainstation in Oulu. Now we have 2 weeks to enjoy what’s left of the Olympics and enjoy domestic life in between interwievs before it’s time for the next adventure which will last almost 4 weeks during which we’ll get to see 6 countries and the ever so lovely Frankfurt Airport ;-)

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Latin-American - 15th Anniversary Tour

On the road: Latin-America - 15th Anniversary - Part 1

Monday 3.3.2014 - Travel Day
The great thing about living out in the woods is of course the connecting flights or actually the lack of them, so we flew to Helsinki in the evening and spent the time there watching Pasi sign 1000 singles (we, the Kemi guys did it at home and Elias managed to do that as well). So, he signed the Cloud Factory single as well as the 3rd single from which there will be a video as well :-) … like a real music video. Anyways, a few beer and Tommy & I started to watch the Sons of Anarchy series from the beginning….again…

Tuesday 4.3.2014 - Travel Day
…after the inevitable passing out while watching the SoA, I woke up at 0427. Just like that, you ask ? And the answer would be Hell NO ! I set my alarm to 0430 and asked Pasi to call me when he was ready for the early breakfast at the hotel. Did indeed drag myself downstairs, ate some and then picked up my luggage from the room for the 0500 lobby call (for those of you who don’t know the lingo, lobby call means that at that time everyone, including yours truly has to be in the lobby of the hotel at that time). At the airport I managed to fuck up, meaning that when I drove my trolley on to the escalator somehow I got it all wrong an all my stuff and a couple of racks ( I think it was Elias amp) were shattered all around.After I quit laughing my ass of about my accident, I got the stuff together and we could do the check-in, the drink and board the aircraft (trying to avoid the plane world here, don’t know why ) for our flight to my favourite place in the whole wide world, the Frankfurt airport.

How do you think I spend the time at my favourite place, especially when there’s about 5 hours to kill before the nice 12+ hour flight to Mexico City ? Anyways the flight was as boring as usual, drinks dinner,sleep...the basic stuff.

…and of course we missed the connecting flight to Monterrey, meaning an extra night at the Mexico City airport. Had some drinks (a lot actually) , slept a few hours and then it was time to leave.

Wednesday 5.3.2014 - Monterrey, Mexico
A short flight, some 20min by car and we’re at our hotel. The crew went directly to the venue to set things up and I had a late lunch with Pasi,Tony & Tommy. Our hotel got upgraded to the Sheraton so we’ll be having a nice time, at least the few hours that we get to spend in our rooms. Tomorrow we have to fly to Chihuahua and play a show there and Friday is also more of the same, with flying in in the morning and playing at night.

At around 1800 we went to the venue and did the soundcheck. It’s always a bit nervous when starting the tour after a break, and especially with the jetlag kickin in and all, we had to work quite hard to make it work. Nevertheless we got through the show with only some minor issues. Tony forgot to introduce Pasi our new bass player and at the beginning of Kindom for a heart I forgot the number of the sound that the song start with so I missed the intro, trying to figure it out. Sometimes your mind just go blank at the most inconvenient time. Apart from that and the fact that the stage sound was very difficult (the subwoofers were located below the stage so it was pretty crazy to play) the show was ok I think. Not a perfect 10 but a solid effort and a starting point for us to build on. I’m sure tomorrow will be even better.

Thursday 6.3.2014 - Travel Day + Chihuahua, Mexico
Got to the hotel just before 0100 at night with the possibility to sleep for a few hours. Since the lobby call was set at 0615, there wasn’t too much time so I headed straight to bed. In the morning I managed to skype home for a bit and even eat a bit of breakfast before leaving. Poor Pasi was misinformed about when we were supposed to leave so he got downstairs about 45 min too early. Well, at least he had time to enjoy the breakfast in peace. Off to the airport, check-in and then the flight to Chihuahua. I did an interview per e-mail in the plane, which was the most exciting thing during the whole flight ;-)

We might change some things with the setlist but I’m not sure yet. Our second single from Pariah’s Child is out so maybe we should give that one a try. These first three shows we’ll probably keep the setlist we have at the moment, just to get started and kill the jetlag and make everything work. Btw this it of course the first time in Latin America for Pasi but also for two of our crewmembers. Pekka our drumtech and Joonas who’s doing the stage sound on this tour. So far everything has gone well, but we’ll see in a week or so when the lack of sleep and brutal schedule starts to take its toll on people :-)

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On the road: Latin-America - 15th Anniversary - Part 2

Thursday 6.3.2014 - Travel Day + Chihuahua, Mexico
…so upon arrival in Chihuahua we had some early lunch @wendy’s next door before I updated this blog and then I took a nap. Which was necessary to survive, I’d say. After some time Tony called to wake me up for the soundcheck. The basic drills, then back to the hotel for around two hours before we headed to the venue and the 1900 meet & greet. Signed stuff and took photos, people seemed to be really excited ;-) At 2100 we took the stage and our audience joined us for one sweaty 2 hour party…afterwards everyone was pretty much half dead and of course we got the great news from our Tour Manager that our morning flight to Mexico City had been moved to even earlier that it was supposed to. It was only 30 min but it means that we have to get up at 0500 for the 0545 Lobby Call and drive to the airport. We got to the hotel just before midnight so by the time I’d take a shower and packed my stuff it was around 0100 and to try to get some sleep just 2 hours after you get off stage is something I can’t do….nevertheless I did fall asleep before the wake up call :-) A bow and a thank you goes to netflix and old action movies.

Friday 7.3.2014 - Travel Day + Mexico City, Mexico Tired tired tired ;-) Woke up, skyped home and grabbed my bags and off to the airport we went. Then everything went a bit sideways ;-) We did have a nice breakfast while our TM checked in our stuff and sorted out the overweight-cost-thing-hassle. Then our flight which was supposed to be 30min earlier than announced, was actually 50min late from the original departure time, confusing eh ? Anyways we got to Mexico City and drove to the hotel, had some steaks for lunch and almost managed to sleep a bit. Before the show it was time for a meet & greet session and I also did an interview with Pasi. The show was awesome, we’re finally getting it ON again ;-) Aftershow some of us went out to a bar but being tired as hell it was a shortlived party.

Saturday 8.3.2014 - Travel Day
Had some pizza with Tommy before it was time to leave for the airport, we had a late checkout so we finally got to SLEEP properly. After the usual hassle with the check-in at the airport we had a 2 hour flight to Obregon.I took a nap on the plane but was still really tired when we got there. Appeareantly there is some drug-cartel-things going on here so some army guys checked through all our stuff when we landed. Dropped our bags to the hotel and went for a dinner with the promotor, had some traditinal tacos and a couple of beers. The crew went to check out the venue, since we’re playing outdoors tomorrow and we want to avoid the hassle we had in Paraguay last year where they wanted us to play outside on a stage without a roof. Back at the hotel I tried to Skype home but the connection was really shitty so shower and nighty night. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring.

Sunday 9.3.2014 - Obregon, Mexico Got a good nights sleep which I appreciate highly. Spent the morning on netflix and then had breakfast with Tommy,Pasi & Tero. Found out they have a pool so some of us decided to take a quick swim and enjoy the sun. Tomorrow it’s been one week since we left home, and I’m finally starting to get over the jetlag. Of course we’ll be changing time zones still but nothing as extreme as coming over from Europe. Be that as it may, while we were still chilling out at the hotel the rain and thunderstorm started…of course it did since we’re supposed to play an outdoor show tonight :-)

The funny thing about this was that someone told me that there had been no rain for the past 9 months and no ice-flake-things (that also came down at some point) for the past 20 years, greetings from Finland, I guess. Nevertheless, the weather cleared up and we played our show in front of several thousands of people, who would have guessed it’ll all work out? After the show we left for the hotel as soon as possible because we had to leave from the hotel at 0600 in the morning. ..and of course there was some noisy party going on next door when I tried to sleep….all night long… ..luckily I’m not a light sleeper and I guess that in some way it was Karma kicking back at me for all those times I’ve been the one making the noise.

Monday 10.3.2014 - Travel Day
I hate Mondays….not really just don’t like to get up early. Drive to the airport fly for about 2 hours to Mexico City. Say goodbye to Mexico for around 4 hours before the flight to Peru leaves and then it’s just a 5+ hour flight, some immigration hassle + the drive to the hotel. That’s pretty much how this day is gonna be….unless some unexpected hassles come up. Fuck these long travel days are boring, I’ll have a drink…or two….

Well, eveything went as I thought except for a whole bunch of fans waiting for us at the airport, nice job guys !!! Since we are so shy I took awhile for us to get the ok to sign stuff and take photos. At the hotel we went straight to the lobby bar for a few beers and pizza before it was time to hit the sack.

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On the road: Latin-America - 15th Anniversary - Part 3

Tuesday 11.3.2014 - Lima, Peru
Woke up pretty late, which was nice. Every once in a while we get to sleep a bit and this was one of those days. Jiihaa.In the afternoon the promotor brought us to a late lunch/early dinner before we went to the venue. We were at a nice restaurant by the sea and the food was great. I was just starting to wonder about how high some of the cities are on our tour, I remember from last time that at least in Bogota it was a bit hard to breathe at times…anyways I looked it up and the top 3 so far would be:

Bogota 2625m Mexico City 2250m Chihuahua 1415m

…and so far, no respiratory problems ;-). Before the show, Pasi filmed the fans standing in line outside and I tried to make them scream but it kinda backfired…better luck next time. At the show they did indeed scream like hell. I put on a Peru shirt for the encore and threw it into the audience when we left the stage, why? I have no idea…Had a few drinks and went aimed for a few hours of sleep before it was time, once again to get up too early and leave for the next city.

Wednesday 12.3.2014 - Travel Day
Up in the morning and then a flight to Bogota. I think it was around 3 hours or so but I slept for the most part. Upon arrival we all had dinner close to the hotel, a couple of drinks and then Pekka, me & Punkki got snacks and drinks from the grocery store across the street. Watched parts of Pulp Fiction and a whole bunch of Ylvis stuff on youtube. Finished the night off with some Breaking Bad and then I managed to sleep for around 12 hours or so, woke up at some point for a minute or two.

Thursday 13.3.2014 - Bogota, Colombia
Up in the afternoon, yeah !! Tomorrow we’ll have to leave early again so I’m really happy that I managed to get a lot of rest. Went downstairs for lunch/dinner with Tommy,Elias & Pasi before it was time to get my stuff and head out to the soundcheck & show….which was delayed a bit but nothing too much. As I remember, this high up you have to pace yourself a bit to get through the show but everyone managed to do that quite well. Not our first time around the block ;-) Before the show we had a meet and greet and some dudes had gotten game jerseys of the national soccer team of Colombia, putten our names on the back and gave them to us. What a nice surprise…as a ”payback” we all put them on during the encore break, you can imagine how crazy the crowd went for that :-) Good times for everyone I guess. The early wake-up call in the morning put a lid on any party ideas so it was back to reading NHL blogs and going to bed.

Friday 14.3.2014 - Travel Day
Up at 0600 and straight downstairs for the 0615 lobby call and the ride to the airport. Today’s offer is a nice relaxing 16 hours of travel from Bogota to Brasilia via Sao Paulo with some vanrides and some extra hours to kill @ the Sao Paulo airport. Left from the hoteli in Bogota at 0630 and arrived at the hotel in Brasilia at around 0100 or something. I had a nightcap with Elias & Tommy and the read for a couple of hours since for some weird reason I couldn’t get to sleep.

Saturday 15.3.2014 - Brasilia, Brazil
Woke up surprisingly early at around 10 or something. Weird, since I thought I was really halfway dead…jetlag and this schedule is really fucking up the sleeping rythm and I know I’m not the only one.Been reading the book about Steve Jobs lately, really interesting stuff but what an a-hole, just saying. Today we’re gonna play at the Video Games Metal Festival which will be interesting since this is the 2nd outdoor show on this tour.(A tour that was supposed to be all indoors btw). Let’s see how many more open air things we’ll have before the end this run ;-)

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On the road: Latin-America - 15th Anniversary - Part 4

Saturday 15.3.2014 - Brasilia, Brazil
…well I didn’t go out at all during the day and I actually had to take a couple of Immodiums. Those of you who know what that is, know what happend ;-) In the evening everything was fine and we headed to the festival. The show went quite well, Tommy screwed up the start of Victoria’s Secret …which was the first time that I can remember that we actually had to start the song over. Once in over 700 shows is not too bad….and you can always blame the monitor guy ;-) I’d say the highlight of the show was when a dude in a wheelchair was ”crowdsurfing”. OMG. Afterwards we walked straight to the van from the stage and left for the hotel, nightcaps and Friends on Netflix. Finally passed out around 0300 or something and at 0650 it was time to get up.

Sunday 16.3.2014 - Travel Day + Belo Horizonte, Brazil
We now have 5 back to back shows with flights almost every day. The worst part is that after a show it’s impossible to get to sleep within the next hours so even if you’re back from the show between midnight and 0100, you don’t get to bed until 0300 at the earliest, then the wake up calls are usually between 0600-0800 and the morning is spent traveling, imagine how it feels the next evening when you have a show to play…and the evening after that etc. Well, enough whining gotta try to take a nap so I’ll be up for the job tonight !

…and what a great night it was ! Being that it was our first time over here, we felt really welcomed and I think the show was great. Afterwards we met some winners of a t-shirt contest that we’re having and hung out for a while, took some pics etc. When we got back to the hotel there was a couple of fans hanging out, luckily for them it was only a few so we could stay and take a few pics and sign some stuff before we headed up to our rooms. Finished the evening with some drinks on the balcony at the hotel, it was the 14 floor or something so we had a beautiful view of the city at night.

Monday 17.3.2014 - Travel day + Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Shit, I woke up around 0600 for no appearent reason at all, then checked the itinenary and realized that I could still sleep for 2 hours before it was time to leave. So I did. When the alarm went off I was even more tired. We had a 40min flight to Rio but of course counting the ride to the airport, the usual hassle with the luggage and more of the same after the flight it took about 5 hours or so to get to the next hotel.I Rio I did some laundry, meaning that my whole room is now filled with drying clothes, socks, underwear, shirts etc. During soundcheck we rehearsed Cloud Factory, since we’re playing two shows in a row we thought that it would be appropriate to change the setlist at least a little bit so tomorrow will be the world premiere of the live version of Cloud Factory ! During the show Tommy somehow hit himself in the eye with the drumstick so at the moment it’s looking really horrible but I guess he can still play. Anyways the show was great, we had some caipirinhas afterwards and sang Happy Birthday to Mikko our FOH guy (means Front of House, means he’s mixing the sound for you, the audience to hear)…and the it was time to SLEEEEEEP ;-)
Tuesday 18.3.2014 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil So this brings us here, today, writing this. Just woke up some time ago, skyped home, started writing this. Slightly hangover from yesterday, waiting for the other dudes to wake up so we can go and eat something….we’ll see. Anyways later today we have a rehearsal scheduled so we can make sure that we know how to play Cloud Factory tonight. We might be able to whip something else up as well…. I’ll go for a smoke. C U Later !

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On the road: Latin-America - 15th Anniversary - Part 5

Tuesday 18.3.2014 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
…so the band minus Tony, went to the Ipanema beach and had a late lunch at The Girl from Ipanema restaurant, how fitting. It was a really nice and relaxing day, walking on the beach and enjoying the sun. After that a quick shower and then our rehersal at the venue. In the evening we played Cloud Factory for the first time ever which worked out nice. We dropped Cinderblox and The Cage and played San Sebastian in the encore. Of course I tried to show off a bit too much and fucked up a bit on the unisono but that’s life. I ended the night with a couple of nightcaps with Tommy and of course the magic of netflix.

Wednesday 19.3.2014 - Travel Day + Sao Paulo, Brazil Luckily we didn’t have to leave from the hotel before 0900 so I even managed to get some breakfast, which is always nice. Today we’re playing the last show in Brazil on this tour and tomorrow we have to get up really early to fly to Santiago, Chile. The show was really great tonight, very hot and the fans seemed to be very into it, did I ever tell you that I have the best job in the world? Anyways, wore a brazilian t-shirt on the encore and threw it in the audience afterwards, don’t ask why. At the hotel we had some drinks, took some pics and before you know it, it was time to leave.

Thursday 20.3.2014 - Travel Day So, we left the hotel at 0510 or something. Airport hassle and the usual shit. I slept the whole flight except for the last 30 or so minutes (the flight time was around 4 hours or something). In Chile we got a nice welcome cheer from our fans but we had to jump into the van and leave more or less straight away. Hotel Check-in, Lunch, a nap and then another nap and in the evening we had a dinner before heading out for a couple of drinks.

Friday 21.3.2014 - Santiago, Chile
..slept until it was time to leave for the soundcheck. Today was one of the biggest show on this tour, we had almost 3000 people and they were on fire ! Before the show we had a meet & greet and received a bunch of nice gifts from the last amazing chilean fanclub. After the show there was no time to do anything since we had to get up at 0500 in the morning to go to Buenos Aires, when you arrive at the hotel at around 0100 there’s not much time to sleep. As usual I took a shower and then packed all my stuff so that in the morning all I have to do it wake up, brush my teeth and walk downstairs.

Saturday 22.3.2014 - Travel Day + Buenos Aires, Argentina Slept the whole flight..and appeareantly I managed to forget my orange shirt, that I’ve been wearing at the shows, in my hotel room. I guess it’s still drying on the chair :-( Well, I have to figure something else out now. Nevertheless since last night was so short we went straight to the hotel and as soon as I’d got my lunch from room service and ate I slept for a couple of hours. In the evening we had a very fired up show at the sold out venue, it was hot as hell but so what ;-) I almost fell flat on my back when one of the riser steps gave in towards the end of the show and of course during Black Sheep my rack lost all it’s power. Appeareantly the power socket was a bit too lose or something. Other than that everything went smooth. Afterwards we had some drinks in Pekkas room.

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On the road: Latin-America - 15th Anniversary - Part 6

Sunday 23.3.2014 - Travel Day + Montevideo, Uruguay
We were really happy that the flight from Buenos Aires to Montevideo was a short one since everyone is starting to be quite tired and last night there wasn’t much time to sleep so it was straight to the hotel as usual for the band and we also skipped soundcheck so everyone including the crew could get some rest. In the evening we had a meet & greet before the show and another afterwards. I had a rented Triton Pro X as the piano for today and somehow most of the sounds were quite, should I say interesting so I had to do a little bit of programming to get any kind of ok piano sound out of it. Since I didn’t want to be a dick to whoever lended it and reset the whole thing, I thought this was the right way to go….this time. Anyways it sounded like shit in the in-ears but Mikko said that it did the job through the PA so I guess all is well. Once again a crowd that was into it and a hot gig ! We played here some years ago but this time we had more people and a better venue in my opinion so this was great. Now we only have one travel day + one more show to play and then a hellish travel to get back home. Anyways, my night ended with Netflix and tomorro I can sleep until 0900 which is a luxury on this tour.

Monday 24.3.2014 - Travel Day Of course I woke up at around 0600 in the morning but luckily I managed to sleep a few more hours. The day was spent flying, first to Buenos Aires and then to Neuqen. In the evening we had some dinner and me & Pekka decided to have the tourending party one day ahead. Things got a bit crazy when we remebered that Fernet Branca is from Argentina :-)

Tuesday 25.3.2014 - Cipolletti, Argentina Woke up by a knock on my door, our Tourmanager told me to pack my stuff and we changed to a better hotel. Finally a nice one, so of course I slept the whole day :-) We skipped soundcheck again and in the evening it was time to play the last show of the tour. Some of our crew guys walked through the stage with a ladder during Cloud Factory but other than that the show didn’t go too much out of hand. Sometimes on the last show of the tour things go really crazy but this one was different. Oh, some girl managed to jump the stage and scare the shit out of Tony by more or less jumping on him from behind.Nice one. After the show we left pretty quickly to go to the hotel, pack our stuff and get some sleep before the long trip home.

26.3. & 27.3.2014 - The long travel home… So, down to the lobby at 0700 and then to the airport. A short couple of hour flight to Buenos Aires. Got all the gear in one van and the dudes in another and then it was time to change airports. At the next airport we again got to enjoy the hassle with the checkin before our nice 13 hour flight to Frankfurt. Of course there was a strike at the airport so for awhile we had the excitement of not being sure if we had a flight to Helsinki. Luckily we did but a shitload of other flights all over the world were cancelled. In Helsinki we got to wait for a couple of hours before our flight home to Kemi was due. So around 35 hours after we left the hotel I got back home.

15 shows, almost 50,000km , 24 flights in 25 days…

The best part is that we get 12 days at home before it’s time to start the Pariah’s Child World Tour with 4 weeks in Europe. See ya all then !

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Pariah's Child World Tour

On the road: Pariah’s Child World Tour / Europe part 1

Wednesday 9.4.2014 - Travel Day
So just a bit under two weeks at home and we’re off again. This time the 15th anniversary shows are over and we’re embarking on the Pariah’s Child World Tour. First up (as usual) is a flight to Helsinki and an overnight stay in order to be ready for the morning flight to Dusseldorf. Beer & Burgers was the theme for the night and it was great. Masi came out and had a few beers with us which was very nice. I also had to say goodbye to my trusty old suitcase, it couldn’t do the job anymore. I was actually about to buy a new one back home when Ari the pyro maniac called me up and he mentioned that he had an old suitcase which was too ugly to use in public. So I packed my stuff in the old green goblin (pictures below) and at the hotel I just threw my stuff over to the new one. Luckily Masi took the old one for use as a backdrop bag or whatever so I didn’t have to throw it away, which would of course have been horrible, given our many years of touring history together. Anyways, enough about the fucking bag already…

Thursday 10.4.2014 - Travel Day + Eindhoven, Holland
I hate these ”fly in the morning, play in the evening” kinda things, however after this day, it won’t be a problem for the rest of the tour. Nevertheless we got up at 0500 with a 0530 lobby call. The usual hassle with the gear etc but we got it done and off we went towards Dusseldorf, Germany and our bus…..with our bunks…in which you can sleep….took a short nap on the plane and well on the bus I went straight to my bunk to try to rest as much as possible. Did I mention that I love bus tours already ? Well I do, mainly because you don’t have to be at the airport every fucking morning, you only have to pack your stuff once, when you’re done and go home….and you can sleep more than enough every day. This will be awesome.

During tonight show we played Blood and Half a marathon man for the first time live. Since we didn’t have any time to rehearse, we’re now practising new stuff during soundchecks and when we feel comfortable we’ll add them to the set.

Friday 11.4.2014 - Durbuy Rock, Belgium
A nice little festival with us and Stratovarius. So needless to say we had a good time after our show, watching the Strato guys rock out and having beers. Our backstage was in some dudes living room, which was a bit weird but also nice in some way. We did just hang around in the bus and at the backstage for the whole day. Our set was only 75min so it was a bit hard to choose what songs to play but I think we managed to get a decent set.

Saturday 12.4.2014 - Off day, Amsterdam, Holland
What do you do on a Saturday in Amsterdam ? Well you have beers and get a tattoo ;-) We also went out to dinner and I met a friend from back home so we hung out and partied.

Sunday 13.4.2014 - Amsterdam, Holland
Back to work ! We practised What did you do in the war, Dad ? during the souncheck but we’re not playing it tonight, it still needs some work until the song is in shape to be performed. I think we might play it tomorrow. Anyway we changed some of the songs in the set and will probably keep on changing things up for this tour, to keep ourselves and our fans entertained. Spent the day doing checking e-mails and doing nothing….a nice dinner and then it was time to rock out ! The show went pretty ok, we played Sing in Silence and Paid in full instead of In the Dark and Victoria’s Secret. Tomorrow we’ll hopefully play What did you do in the war, Dad ? It remains to be seem. I actually managed to take some pics but still no pics of my rig, I’ll do that later tonight and try to get them uploaded asap.

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On the road: Pariah’s Child World Tour / Europe part 2

Monday 14.4.2014 - Hamburg, Germany
Back to the Markthalle for the 100th time or something like that. It’s an ok venue with a cool backstage to hang around. We changed the setlist again but still no What did you do in the war, Dad ? I hope we can put it into the setlist asap but we’ll see about that. The show was a nice hot one and we had a couple of drinks afterwards. Eventually it was time to go to bed and try to get some rest.

Tuesday 15.4.2014 - Off day, Hamburg, Germany
Woke up in the afternoon and went for a lunch/breakfast with the guys. Larry our merchdude took us to a nice restaurant that we actually tried out the last time here as well. Good food and not too expensive so all was well. Some of us went to the music store later on to get some drum hardware for Tommy. Afterwards we also went to the local Saturn store and I bought the remixed version of Vapor Trails (by Rush). We also got some pink headphones for our front of house guy. In the evening we took a rather long walk until we found a nice restaurant once again. So nothing too special but a nice day all in all. I somehow don’t really like off-days especially so early in the tour luckily we now have 4 shows in a row.

Wednesday 16.4.2014 - Brauschweig, Germany
Never been here before, Pasi went walking around in the morning but said that there’s really not much around so I spent the day recovering from the off day and writing crap on my computer.Like this. We again changed a couple of songs in the setlist. The venue here is quite small so it was totally packed in the evening, which of course lead to a sweaty show.Good times. During San Sebastian in the encore I tripped and fell flat on my alesis, luckily it didn’t break and I didn’t hurt myself.I took it easy after the show and pretty much focused on getting to bed at a reasonable hour, took some time to pass out though but I watched some episodes of The Apprentice, so time well spent ;-) Also the NHL playoffs started tonight !!!

Thursday 17.4.2014-Berlin, Germany
Woke up already around 0900 but I didn’t get out of bed until around 12 or just after. Got some bacon & eggs for breakfast at the catering and then I started to go through my e-mail. A couple of interviews to be done, will do them later I think. Checked out the highlights from last nights hockey games. Oh…and I got the pics from my rig. See you all tonight !

Written by Henrik on 17.04.2014


On the road: Pariah’s Child World Tour / Europe part 3

Thursday 17.4.2014 - Berlin, Germany
…Soundcheck done and tonight will be the world premiere of What did you do in the war, Dad ? Hell yeah, finally. Tomorrow we’ll start rehersing another new song…let’s see how long it takes to get it together :-) Just waiting for dinner so I better do the e-mail inties now so I can practise a bit after eating.Tonight the New York Rangers will start their playoff run and I try to get to watch it somehow, hopefully the internet here will reach all the way to the bus. Fingers crossed.

Well, we did play WDYDITW,D? and it sounded good, I think. The internet didn’t work from the bus so I couldn’t watch the game :-( So, hanging out sipping wine and at some point it was time to go to bed and continue watching the apprentice. By the time the bus left at 0600 I was sound asleep.

Friday 18.4.2014 - Leipzig, Germany
Woke up just after 12 and went outside to enjoy the rain ;-) Tonight we’re playing at a place we never played before and it’s cold as hell. According to Tero’s sofisticated temperature mesuring equipment it was 14,5 degrees celcius on stage during our soundcheck. We started to rehearse our next new song but it will take some days to get it working. Naturally there’s no internet here so I had to make a phone call to find out that NYR won 4-1 last night. Be that as it may if the breakfast I had when I woke up is any indication we will have an excellent dinner so at least there’s that to look forward for….and of course the show. We changed the setlist by one song, actually Elias and I did, hopefully the other guys approve.

Btw one funny thing happened during soundcheck, when we started to play some mold/trash/crap fell down from the roof on Larry and our merch so he’ll have some cleaning up to do before he can sell those.

The food was really good and afterwards I tried Punkys golf clubs outside. Fun as hell…and difficult but I managed to hit the ball pretty good a couple of times and didn’t destroy anything so I guess it all went well. During the show it was finally warm on stage and we were actually able to play our stuff without any problems. We had to leave really early after the show since we had a long drive and had to pick up a ramp for the trailer as well. So it was easy to retire to our bunks and watching movies on the laptop.

Saturday 19.4.2014 - Bochum, Germany
Started the day by trying to find the backstage, which eventually I did. It was more like a treasure hunt / adventure trail than anything else. Spent some time online checking mails and of course the NHL highlights from the last couple of days and whatnot. Managed to watch the SM-liiga playoff game Kärpät-Tappara which of course Kärpät lost, so Elias was happy and the rest of us not so much ;-) Anyways we once again had an excellent dinner and then it was time to start preparing for the show. Did some changes again to the setlist but no new songs, we’ll see in a couple of days if we can get it together.

Sunday 20.4.2014 - Off day, Bochum, Germany
Woke up, got a late lunch, had some beers with the Trick or Treat guys at our bus and went back to bed. Did I ever mention that I have off days ?

Monday 21.4.2014 - Aschaffenburg, Germany
Ok, this was a lot better then ;-) Back to work. Luckily we only have 3 off days left and two of them are driving days so.... The only downside of this place it’s that is it a drop and go thing. Meaning there’s no parking for the bus so you have to get up when we arrive and then spend the whole day at the venue. I took a nice nap on the backstage couch, watched some NHL highlights etc. We also met with our webdesigner to sort out a couple of things since we’re getting a new website pretty soon, yay !! During the show all went well except Tony managed to do some weird noises in the beginning of Tallulah which totally confused me and we had to start over a couple of times since somehow we couldn’t get it together after that. I took it as a comic relief :-) After the show we had to hurry a bit to get our showers and everything together, out to the bus and off we went towards Saarbrucken.

Written by Henrik on 22.04.2014