70.000 Tons Of Metal (2018)

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Below you will find a list of all songs played during the show of Sonata Arctica on the 70.000 Tons Of Metal Cruise in 2018. Miami-Grand Turk-Miami (FL, USA/TC)

First Performance on 02/02/2018

  1. Closer to an Animal
  2. The End of this Chapter
  3. Don't Say a Word
  4. Caleb
  5. Juliet
  6. Till Death's Done Us Apart
  7. FullMoon
  8. Life

Second Performance on 02/03/2018

  1. Shitload of Money
  2. Paid in Full
  3. Black Sheep
  4. Tallulah
  5. White Pearl, Black Oceans...
  6. White Pearl, Black Oceans, Pt. II: "By the Grace of the Ocean"
  7. The Wolves Die Young
  8. Life

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